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Your Healthy Future

Are you afraid of becoming sick and questioning your ability to lead a healthy life? Do you avoid family, friends, and public places because you feel susceptible to catching a cold or virus? Have you ever wondered whether you will be diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, or another chronic illness and feel powerless to prevent it? The fact is you can avoid all illnesses by maintaining a high vibrational frequency. In Your Healthy Future: Living Above the Frequency of Disease, author and cancer survivor Maria Barnes introduces you to energy vibration and tells you how she used it to put herself into remission from terminal cancer. 

She teaches you how to: 

  • Stop worrying and creating poor health 
  • Manifest a high-frequency life 
  • Replace negative beliefs with positive to optimize wellness 
  • Stay focused on the present 
  • Achieve and maintain optimal health 
  • Love the life you live

If you want to stop worrying about getting sick, heal from a debilitating disease, and learn how to transform your life into the joyful, creative experience you deserve, Your Healthy Future puts you firmly on the fast track to wellness by giving you the tools you need to live the life you were born to live.

Beyond the Books

Personal Coaching Program

Maria Barnes offers an 8-week personal coaching class for cancer patients and survivors. The program combines the basic tenets of A Course in Miracles with an understanding of energy frequency. The goal is to empower students to get healthy and stay healthy. In this program Maria teaches:

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