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You can put cancer behind you forever!

Like most cancer survivors, you never saw it coming and may still find yourself unable to thrive in your “new normal.” Even though you are determined to make the most of every day, deep down you are frustrated by a quality of life that is less than optimal. Do you have questions about what lies ahead and worry about a cancer comeback? The good news is that you can move beyond this disease. It’s time to learn how to leave cancer behind and overcome the fear, doubt, and strain you’ve experienced as a cancer survivor.

Put Cancer Behind You, based on the tenets of A Course in Miracles, is for those who are ready to move fearlessly into a future of increased peace of mind and physical well-being. Author and cancer survivor Maria Barnes provides guidance for training your mind to master concepts that directly impact your healing. You’ll learn:

  • Why cancer can make a comeback even after extensive treatment
  • What you can do to prevent your cancer from returning
  • Your greatest asset in overcoming disease
  • The key to what it takes to truly heal


If you believe you are powerless in the face of cancer and need reassurance to move confidently toward a fulfilled future, Put Cancer Behind You; will get you on the path to true wellness.

Beyond the Books

Personal Coaching Program

Maria Barnes offers an 8-week personal coaching class for cancer patients and survivors. The program combines the basic tenets of A Course in Miracles with an understanding of energy frequency. The goal is to empower students to get healthy and stay healthy. In this program Maria teaches:

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