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Blog #4 – March 7, 2022

A healthy, happy, abundant life. Isn’t that what we all came for?  If so, how is it that many of us never manage to attract or retain all the wonderful experiences we desire? The answer is that we have not learned how to manage our thoughts and feelings, in order to attract only that which serves us. To turn that around, we need to understand the universal law of attraction, which states that ‘what you put out is what you get back.’ Specifically, the energetic frequency of what you emit is what returns to you.

Perhaps you were never told, but the universe is pure energy. Consequently, everything that exists as part of it is not only energetic, but vibrates at a particular speed or frequency. This is true for everything physical, like bodies, as well as non-physical thoughts and emotions. In fact, it is our thoughts and emotions that create the physical. Like all else in this energetic environment, our bodies are actually antennas that constantly emit a frequency. Since the universe is a mirror, or “holographic,” nothing shows up for you without your energetic invitation. So, if you keep mulling over poor finances, worry about being sick, or harbor unresolved anger, you will have a tough time attracting the high vibe experiences you intended to have in this life. The financial stress, poor health and problematic relationships you attract are a match to the low frequencies you are projecting. Once you understand this, you can begin to consciously control what you think and feel, in order to project higher frequency energy and create the future you desire.

The truth is that whatever you focus on is what you get more of, so start to envision and feel that you already have what you want. As the universe responds to that frequency, you will begin to manifest it. It is that simple and that difficult. Some people tell me that they cannot envision anything but worry and anger. The truth is, they can if they use the power of their mind. To begin training your mind to make different choices and create new experiences, start by “faking it till you make it.” That means you must become an actor and create a role for yourself in a new story that has you living exactly the life you want to live. Focus on it by feeling into it for at least two minutes at a time, each hour of the day, for several weeks. Buy a journal and before you go to bed, write down this new story. Each day, expand your story and be sure to feel into the happiness, joy and love as you go. By feeling into this high frequency reality, you are creating the people, places and events that will match it. Enjoy your new story so much that you laugh out loud, cry with gratitude, and feel your heart swell with love. Finally, imagine yourself on a stage, joyfully reading your life story and performing for a packed house. This is the you that you came to be, the one who is living large in a world of infinite possibilities. Feel the love, the passion, the excitement of this abundant experience. Savor it and the new found power you feel in expressing who you are: that most magnificent being who came with great purpose to a world so very much in need of your talents and attention. It won’t take long for you to witness a new and better life unfolding around you.

Have faith that you are a most elegant, powerful creator; a divine, unlimited light shining brightly on the stage of life. Keep going and remember: nothing is more powerful in the universe than a mind aligned with love. So get into alignment with your true self and give it your all. No one deserves more happiness, better health and a truly abundant life than you. And we, who love and support you, including all your guides and teachers, will be with you, watching from the first row in that theater of your new life, and cheering you on to every experience your heart of heart desires.

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