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Manifest Your Health

If you want to stop worrying about getting sick, heal from a debilitating disease, and learn how to transform your life into the joyful, creative experience you deserve, Your Healthy Future puts you firmly on the fast track to wellness by giving you the tools you need to live the life you were born to live.


About Maria Barnes

Maria Barnes is a digital media professional whose work has taken her across the lower 48, to Hawaii and Guam – as well as to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Persian Gulf. She has produced projects in over 20 languages and enjoys working in a multi-cultural environment. Her television credits include a nationally syndicated television series and a weekly public affairs series on PBS. She has produced an award-winning independent feature film and has written, produced, and directed hundreds of informational and promotional media products for a wide variety of organizations. 

A senior member of Women in Film & Video (WIFV) and co-founder/member of TIVA (Television, Internet & Video Association), she has been an adjunct faculty member of both the American University and Northern Virginia Community College, where she taught courses in video production. Maria lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband and two dogs.

Reviews from Readers

"This book is an absolute must-read for anyone trying to move on after receiving cancer diagnosis or treatment. It is an antidote to fear and delivers fresh concepts and useful strategies to move forward powerfully and peacefully! "
Laura S ~ Amazon Reviews
"I hope those who need this book find it! I find it to be brave and refreshing and yet so simple when it comes down to true healing. Love, forgiveness, and of course taking care of one's body physically and spiritually. "
Susan ~ Amazon Reviews

New Releases

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Cancer Recovery

Put Cancer Behind You

When Maria Barnes was told she had terminal Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, somewhere deep inside she sensed a healthy future lay ahead. A year later, while sitting at her kitchen table writing this primer on the basic tenets of A Course in Miracles, she spontaneously went into full remission. How did that occur? This book is a spiritual blueprint for overcoming disease by applying the lessons of A Course in Miracles. 


Your Healthy Future

Many people live in fear of getting sick and dying. But as Maria Barnes learned when she put herself in remission from terminal cancer, we all have the innate ability to heal naturally and exist in a state of perpetual wellness. The key is to understand the role energy plays when it comes to a healthy immune system. This book provides basic information on energy frequency and presents a roadmap to consciously creating a life of great health. 

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Podcast: Put Cancer Behind You

Hosted by two-time cancer survivor Maria Barnes, the Put Cancer Behind You podcast presents conversations with individuals who have healed from cancer as well as those whose talents, passions and experiences support physical, emotional and mental healing through an array of creative, traditional, integrative, spiritual and alternative modalities.

The Blog

Blog #4 – March 7, 2022

A healthy, happy, abundant life. Isn’t that what we all came for?  If so, how is it that many of us never manage to attract or retain all the wonderful experiences we desire? The answer is that we have not learned how to manage our ...
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Beyond the books

Personal Coaching Program

Maria Barnes offers an 8-week personal coaching class for cancer patients and survivors. The program combines the basic tenets of A Course in Miracles with an understanding of energy frequency. The goal is to empower students to get healthy and stay healthy. In this program Maria teaches:

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